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Philip Dean, M.D.

"The contribution of PAR Management and their dedication to the success of our practice exceeds expectations. As a practicing anesthesiologist and president of a small anesthesia team I am intimately aware of the need for expertise, teamwork and professionalism from all the stakeholders. I assumed responsibility of the practice two years ago and PAR demonstrates consistently their contribution to the success of my  team and the hospital.  PAR is an essential partner in managing all business aspects and related IT. 


In a myriad of areas: reimbursement, payor enrollment processing, patient payment, bookkeeping or IT, we can rely on the team for expertise, availability, accuracy, payor enrollment, timely submission of claims and monitoring electronic reimbursement processing.  In addition, PAR provides direct submission to a number of payors providing direct and faster payments.


Most recently, the PAR staff collaborated with us, and really drove our agenda on the implementation of a new electronic medical record system (EMR). PAR worked throughout planning and implementation to customize and automate the workflow, capturing all anesthesia encounters.  The project success was driven by PAR’s ability to work effectively with all stakeholders in a way that exceeded expectations and they were able to express the needs of and advocate for the anesthesia team’s objectives.  Their expertise resulted in a seamless transition to the new system.


Probably most critical to their knowledge and expertise is the team’s availability and the very personal service and the relationship we have developed.  PAR staff is always available, responds immediately - whether to me and my team or to our patients. I cannot recommend them more highly.


Philip Dean. M.D.

President                                                            Precision Anesthesia Associates


James Faust, MD

"I am an anesthesiologist and have been in practice for 27 years.  For the last 17 years I have been in private practice, initially with a partner, and for the last two years as the sole owner of a new group.  Though I have worked hard to excel in the clinical practice of anesthesia, I recognize that I will not ever be able to adequately excel in certain aspects of managing my business and therefore will need expert help.  Accurate and efficient billing that meets all federal and state regulations is something no anesthesia practice can afford to be without.  For this reason, I hired, Physicians Accounts Receivable (PAR Management), Annette Fitzgerald, CEO,  to manage my anesthesia billing.  I have been working with Annette and PAR for the full 17 years of my private practice and hiring her and her competent and professional staff is the single best business decision I have ever made.  I count on their expertise in the world of anesthesia billing so that I can concentrate and focus on expertise in the clinical realm for both myself and my team.  PAR has not once led me astray and is able to provide me with the data to keep a close eye on my business and help me not only to anticipate important reimbursement changes but also to be agile enough to make the right business moves when I need to.  The business of anesthesia is ever changing and challenging.  I am a firm believer in not just getting help when I need it, but in getting the very best help available.  For anesthesia billing, the very best help available has been and will continue to be Annette Fitzgerald and her team at Physician’s Accounts Receivable Management."


Kurt D Gress, MD 

"In 1999, Annette’s group PAR, came to our rescue to take over billing for our anesthesia department after several tries with other companies.  No other anesthesia company can compare with PAR’s professionalism, efficiency, and completeness.  Our billing has been amazing now for almost 25 years and it continues to be excellent.  Every time we do  a routine audit of our billing, Annette’s group gets a near perfect score.  Billing is one part of our practice that we never worry about.  PAR does an outstanding job and are fortunate to be a client."   


Kurt D Gress, MD 
Recently retired President of Winchester Anesthesia Assoc.


Kue Choi, M.D.

"PAR has been an essential missing link for our practice.  They have maximized our billing and collections but most importantly made sure that the practice is in compliance.  PAR is very professional but also extremely personable.  Their customer service cannot be matched. The cost for services is quite competitive but their commitment to our practice is outstanding.  No other business can match what PAR has to offer."


Sanjiv Kumar, M.D.

“ Our group has been with PAR ever since its inception , for more than 20 years now , and we have been  impressed  by their professionalism  and courtesy. They are exceptionally good at doing on time billing, and making the follow up calls with the third party payors, to make sure that our practice gets paid correctly and on time. In addition, they helped us with the online reporting of Quality data, staff credentialing with the payors, and myriads of other issues and problems that arise day to day in the billing process.  


We are very happy with their services and I have no reservations in recommending to anyone who is looking for a new Anesthesia Billing Service.”


Tim Connelly, M.D

"Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several billing companies, both large and small.  PAR Management is, by far and away, the best company that I’ve had the pleasure with which to work.  Right from the start, they assessed my practice and had the resources to dedicate immediately.  Their communication is excellent, and they are highly responsive to questions and any problems which might arise.  Their reporting is accurate and timely, and they are very adept at managing revenue stream.  Perhaps most importantly, they’re simply nice people, who can get the job done without aggravation or delays.  I would recommend them without hesitation."


Eduardo D’Agostino, MD

"I have known Annette Fitzgerald (PAR-CEO) for 40 years. Besides she and her family being personal friends, we had a professional and business relationship for many years as well. During my four decades in private practice, I participated with other anesthesia management and consulting companies, however Annette was always a source of expertise and the person to go to for sound and honest advice. I have recommended Annette to other colleagues and they were never disappointed but appreciated the recommendation. As a manager director of IVS Anesthesia, LLC, I can only compliment and thank Annette and her entire team at PAR Management for their excellent work, professionalism and dedication to their clients in all aspects of Anesthesia business management."

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