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Anesthesia Coding

As every physician and practice administrator knows, accurate coding is an absolute necessity in today's healthcare environment. Correct coding is essential in enhancing revenue and decreasing compliance risk.


PAR’s expert team of AAPC*, CPC, CCS-P certified coders insure that integrity in coding standards are maintained to the highest degree. Correct coding is a major component in minimizing claim rejections, decreasing the days in outstanding A/R, receiving proper payment for services rendered and decreasing liability in the event of an audit.


With specialized training in anesthesia coding, PAR’s coding team understands the importance of proper ICD-10 coding to maximize reimbursement and reduce risk. Remaining current on changes in anesthesia codes, base units and the anesthesia crosswalk is a top priority of our coding staff.

  • Ongoing coding services as part of full service billing

  • Short term coding projects

  • Analysis of claim denials

  • Audits of clients' coding

  • Code utilization reports

  • Documentation and coding training for physicians and staff

  • And much more!

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