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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PAR's fees?
Our fees vary by specialty and size of the practice, since the resources necessary to perform billing vary widely depending on those two factors. If you would like a competitive quote from us for your particular practice, we would be happy to provide one.


As a client, who do I call at PAR with questions? 
Our goal is to provide prompt and friendly service to all clients. PAR's staff are highly knowledgeable about the practices they serve. As a client, you will get to know the PAR team that will service your account and answer your inquiries.  You will be provided with our teams’ direct contact information.


What happens in the event of a disaster, or if the system goes down? 
We have a detailed backup storage system for compiling and storing daily backups in a secure off site location, so that if  disaster struck, we could reconstruct all client data.


What training and experience do PAR's coders have? 
Our coders have extensive experience coding anesthesia, surgery, and many other specialties. They are certified through AHIMA, AAPC, and RBMA. Several of our coders have multiple certifications. Our coders come from many different backgrounds including medical records management, practice management, medical billing, and nursing.

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