Edward Mortell
Chief Technology Officer

For the past 19 years, Ed has been our network engineer, database administrator and technical architect, responsible for defining and maintaining the overall structure of our IT systems from start to finish. As CTO, Ed’s responsibilities include the security, maintenance, and functionality of all computer and security systems at PAR Management.  Ed works closely with our clients, facilities, hospital IT departments, and insurance payers to achieve the highest level of security and efficiency possible. Ed’s career began as a certified network engineer, installing Novell Networks in commercial settings throughout New England.  He then went on to work at Harvard Medical School as the Network Coordinator for the Educational Computing Department where he helped construct and was responsible for a large multiplatform computer network in a fast-paced, highly trafficked environment. Entering the health care industry, Ed worked for the Department of Anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital for 10 years.  During his tenure at Mass General, Ed was responsible for maintaining all department servers and databases, training staff, and customizing systems and user interfaces to facilitate the specific needs of the Anesthesia department. With over 27 years of experience in all aspects of Information Technology, Ed is an invaluable resource and key member of our team.


181 Wells Avenue Suite 302

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