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Our Organization

PAR utilizes electronic claim submission with direct interfaces to all major payers. As a result over 90% of claims are electronically submitted from PAR to insurance carriers. The advantages of using a direct interface includes more accurate submission of claims data, lessening of claim delays and rejections, and a reduction in accounts receivable due to faster claim resolution and payment from carriers.


We strive to make the financial end of your practice a success. Our dedicated staff will improve efficiency and reimbursements for your practice while reducing the claims denials and rejections that impact cash flow.

At PAR, it is our mission is to improve the quality of anesthesia and pain management billing by providing clients with an exclusive level of service, expertise and professionalism centered on the guiding principles of excellence, innovation, and integrity.


Our administrative and support staff maintain a high level of communication with our clients, payers, and internal teams. A team leader is assigned to each client as a liaison to ensure open communication is maintained in areas of billing documentation, coding, and claims processing. Additionally, several team members are specialized in the larger payers. These members are responsible for the facilitation of claims processing by communicating changes in payer guidelines, querying outstanding accounts and maintaining relationships with payer representatives, ensuring every service is followed up on in a timely manner. 

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